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Annual Cheerleading Competition
Teams from the state register to compete in 3 levels of skill for trophies.  A luncheon to award them with jackets, pictures is held several months later.  This will be our 24th year of this event - which is highly touted by particpants and schools alike. Coach of the year is also awarded recognition & trophy. (Kiwanis Club of Manchester, NH)

10K Dinner
Tikets are sold for $150 ea - 50 for 2 dinners and $l00 to go towards prizes.  Only 150 tickets are sold.  #'s are drawn and every 5th one gets a consolation prize valued over $150.  the final 5 #'s are potential
winners of $10K  depending if they decide to split or hold out till the very last #is called.  We have lucky buckets (on the idea of a penny sale) that we sell chances for and raise a substantial amount as well.  The lucky buckets are items valued at $50 or more, ranging from tickets, baskets of whatever, or unique items. (Kiwanis Club of Manchester, NH)

Annual Auction to benefit programs we support
The auction is held on a Saturday in June and we have  chairs and teams to solicit items from businesses, etc. Also members contribute items new or gently used.
(Kiwanis Club of Manchester, NH)

Italian Buffet
Twice a year, we have our "Italian Buffet" at the Hanson Athletic Association. Our club is lucky that one of our members is a chief and the food is homemade!  We serve: salad with 5 different dressings; zitz with tomato sauce; sausauge, peppers and onions; meat lasagne; homemade cookies and brownies; coffee and tea.  We lucky that the venue has there own bar and bartender so we do no have to handle that aspect of the evening.  We charge $9 for adults and $5 for children under 12 years old.  The buffet is from 5 - 8 PM and this year we had the largest crowd ever. We also sell raffle tickets on the items that the members have donated. (Kiwanis Club of Hanson, MA)

Happy Dollars
We eliminated fines in our club and accept "Happy Dollars" for the Hanson Food Pantry.  This is much easier and bringing in canned goods to a meeting and having to deliver them.  The food pantry knows what it needs and we don't, so we give them the funds in December, April and September.  It is an easy way to support your local food pantry. (Kiwanis Club of Hanson, MA)

Winter Fruit Sale
Oranges and Grapefruit - The fruit is delivered directly from Florida in late February,  The sale effort starts right after New Years Day.  Members are encouraged to solicit orders.  A mailing list of past purchasers is used as is also a larger mailing list of local residents.  Publicity is in every weekly edition of the local papers during January and February.  Local corporations are solicited to buy multiple orders for their employees or to allow in house solicitation of orders.  This year, we netted over $16,800. (Kiwanis Club of Wilton, CT)

Summer Outdoor Antique Fair
In conjunction with one of our members who operates a number of these fairs, we run this fair outside under tents on a large open field in town.   The club is responsible for parking, security, and ticket sales.  The operator handles all the facility arrangements including the tents and publicity/advertising.  The operator retains the booth participant fees, and we retain the ticket sales.  Hence, there is little cost, but we took in over $14,800 with half of that going to the local YMCA that we support. (Kiwanis Club of Wilton, CT)

Fall Holiday Concert
The first Saturday in December, we run a concert in our local high school auditorium.  The cost of the arrangements are low, and we use mostly local talent with minimal fees.  The concert has become a local tradition to start off the holiday season.  One year, the concert got snowed out, but with few requests for refunds, we still made what we usually do.  Net: $10,300. (Kiwanis Club of Wilton, CT)

Golf Classic
$20,000 from a one day event sponsored by local banks, trades, retail, professionals all coming together with raffle, auction, items, sponsorships of lunch, dinner, carts, putting contest, hole-in one contest, and of course players who come to play and donate additional personal monies on raffles & auctions. (Kiwanis Club of Haverhill, MA)

Diamond Pendant Taffle for your Valentine
Raised $2,000 net with $10 chances. A 1/2 carat diamond pendant is a lovely gift for you valentine. (Kiwanis Club of Haverhill, MA)

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